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Travel with ME

The Story of ME.

Four years ago today I started ME Brands Events. And months ago my new adventure started.

For the people that have followed my trip the last few months, today the best experience of my life is officially over.

Six months ago I chose to travel with Remote Year: a group of people from around the world who work remotely. It is something like a home office but with the opportunity to do it from anywhere in the world. 1 South African, 2 Asian, 1 Colombian, 24 Americans and 1 Dutch (me) made up: Saudade.

We traveled, lived and worked every month from a different country. In the last 6 months I visited 9 countries: Thailand, UAE, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and South Africa.

Besides the nice people I met, friendships I made and beautiful places I have been, I have also completed a lot of cool projects.

I created new summer content for Caramol and content for different lifestyle brands and restaurants.

Also, I made and managed new content calendars (social media management) for Moods Coffee Corner in Amsterdam and Story Auto Middle East.

I have supervised and implemented the summer campaign for Sonnema Berenburg at the most beautiful locations in the Algarve in southern Portugal.

And finally, I worked on a special project for VETPAW to protect the African wildlife in South Africa.

I am grateful for this moment in life. I decided to do something different and I have became a stronger person.

After all these learnings and personal growth it’s time for ME to come home and focus on my business. And I will take all these learnings with ME. To grow ME Brands Events into a lifestyle branding (storytelling) agency.

Next to my qualifications — organizing, advising and photographing, together with the best photographers, designers and brand models —I want to create the best content, make the most creative activation plans and manage the social media for different brands and companies in the Lifestyle and Hospitality industry.

So are you ready to work with ME, set and achieve new goals and create some cool stories together!?

Let’s meet soon!

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